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Students will have nightly homework! The work sent home is only to reinforce the skills that are covered in the classroom. Each Monday students will have grammar homework, reading, spelling, vocabulary, and possibly math if not finished in class. Tuesday-Friday students will have the same homework assignments, aside from the grammar homework on Monday. All homework is explained and dated for each night on the weekly Newsletter. 

Class Projects-
There will be a several at home projects that students will need to complete. One project is a reading project and consists of students creating a map of events from a story that was read aloud in class. The other projects include a science journal and small home reading projects. These projects are all worth a total of one hundred points towards their reading, writing or science grade. A ten point deduction will be given for each day the project is not turned in after the due date. There will be very detailed instructions sent home for each project required throughout the school year.