Reading Skills Covered
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The Reading Skills covered throughout the third grade school year include...

1. Theme-the overall message or lesson of the text. Theme is often the skill focus in fables, fiction, short stories, fairy tales, myths, historical fiction and poems. 

2. Author Point of View-This is the view point of the author, and how the author thinks or feel about a particular subject. The author point of view can often be found in non-fiction text. 

3. Character Point of View-(Not to be confused with the author's point of view!)-This is the viewpoint of a main character or characters within a text. The view point may also be told from a third person narrator, but this usually includes the viewpoint of a character told by someone else. This skill can be found in fiction, historical fiction, fables, myths and fairy tales. 

4. Compare and Contrast-This is a popular skill and well liked by many students. Students are to identify the similarities and differences of people, places, things or animals within a text. 

5. Cause and Effect-The cause is why something has happened and the effect is what has happened in a story or event in text.