Strategies for Reading

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There are several reading strategies that are used throughout the year to develop strong
readers. The ones included on this list are very useful in assisting your child in reading. 

1. Context Clues
Students may be given words in a text that are very difficult or words that are unknown or
unfamiliar. Students can rely on context clues that may appear before the word, after the
word or may be opposite of the word to gain insight into the unknown word. For example,
students may come across the word jubilant, and following the word jubilant is the
word happy. Students would use this context clue to understand that the word
jubilant means happy. 

2. Reread
This is extremely important! In order for students to gain a deeper comprehension
for text read, it is vitally important that they go back into the text and reread. This not
only reinforces understanding of text read, but it also address misconceptions as well
as correct word pronunciation. 

3. Using Text Evidence
This is the year that students are not only required to reread text, but students must also
learn to cite text evidence to support theories and answers to questions. Citing text
evidence is  not only an important reading skill, but it is an important writing skill as well.