Tested Subjects
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Testing for the third grade includes...

1. Alabama State and Scantron Testing
This includes two tests, one test at the beginning of the school year, and one test at the end of the school year. These tests mark student academic growth throughout the school year. Third grade tests in both math and reading. 

2. STAR Testing
The STAR testing window is in the beginning of the school year, middle of the school year (usually in January) and the end of the school year in May. This tracks student growth in reading and math and also identifies areas of strength or concern. This assists teachers in determining small groups for the school year, as well as what specific skills or strategies students are needing more focus in. 

3. Reading, writing, grammar, spelling and math
Each Friday students will have a reading and spelling assessment. On Thursdays students will be tested on grammar, vocabulary and writing. The skills and strategies for reading, writing and grammar are sent home each week in a Newsletter. The week's spelling and vocabulary words can be found on the back of the Newsletter. Multiplication timed testing will begin in April of each school year. All test dates, subjects and skills tested are included on the weekly Newsletter sent home each week.