Highland Elementary Physical Education Syllabus 2018-2019

Our physical education curriculum is designed to provide the students with the skills and knowledge needed in order to lead physically active and fit lives. Along with developing physical skills, group and individual activities will give the students opportunities to form and demonstrate cooperative and social skills. They will also learn to respect others and develop a strong work habit.

Physical Education Outcomes

1. Demonstrate good sportsmanship
2. Apply physical education to life
3. Demonstrate beginner level techniques of catching, throwing, kicking, rolling, and bouncing
4. Demonstrate locomotor and non locomotor patterns and balance
5. Move to a rhythm
6. Demonstrate a positive attitude towards physical activity and personal health
7. Demonstrate knowledge and skills which will help participation in group and team activites

Classroom Rules/Expectations
1. Quiet when entering/exiting the gym
2. When the whistle blows, stop, look and listen
3. Play by the rules and be a good sport
4. Give your best effort
5. No food, drink, or candy in gym
6. Have a good attitude and have fun!

Grading Procedures
The student's physical education grade is determined by participation in class activities as well as their positive behavior and effort. Lack of participation or poor behavior may cause the students grade to be lowered and parents to be contacted if behavior problems continue.

Dress Code
Students will need to wear sneakers and attire that allows them to move freely while being active.

Teacher Contact Information
Erica Higginbotham